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Statement on the Israel-Gaza Conflict (17 May 2021)

The Pinsker Centre remains committed to the two-state solution and to the peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

We condemn extremism, terrorism and indiscriminate violence, and hope for the de-escalation of hostilities as soon as possible.

We continue to pray for calm, coexistence, and for the resolution of tensions between communities in Israel and Palestine. We hope that all nations and peoples in the Middle East will continue to build upon the remarkable progress of the Abraham Accords, and will safeguard its unprecedented achievements so far in developing regional cooperation, social reconciliation and interfaith dialogue.

We sincerely hope that a ceasefire at the earliest possible opportunity will allow the Middle East to return to a clear path of peace, stability and security for all peoples.

We remain highly concerned and alarmed by the repulsive wave of antisemitic incidents across Europe. Racism and extremism of all forms have no place in democratic societies, and we strongly call on all European governments and law enforcement agencies to take every possible step to safeguard communities from racist violence and intimidation.

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