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Student Conservative Associations Open Letter

The Pinsker Centre is extremely heartened that Conservative Societies from the length and breadth of the United Kingdom have decided to show their steadfast support for Israel and the Jewish people. At a time when those who should know better are silent, it is right to praise these campus associations for showing crucial moral clarity.

WE the undersigned are members of student Conservative associations from across the United Kingdom that represent thousands of young people. We stand with Israel against the horrific actions taken by Hamas terrorists against innocent Israeli citizens, we also stand unwaveringly with the global Jewish community during this dark time of rising antisemitism.

We are horrified at the murder, rape and kidnapping of innocent Israeli civilians. These atrocities are reminiscent of the worst abominations in recent history, including the Holocaust, and is a form of unadulterated evil. Hamas terrorists have murdered 1400 Israelis, including women, children and Holocaust survivors.

Alongside this, over 200 innocent people, with citizenships of at least 42 different countries have been kidnapped, including at least 10 British nationals. It has been deeply shameful watching some individuals across the country tearing down missing person posters bearing their names and faces and such terror apologism is not befitting of our free society.

We unequivocally condemn Hamas terror and stand firmly with Israel in its inherent right to defend itself and ensure the safety of its citizens, as is the responsibility of all states to do.

It is true, and deeply sad, that innocent Palestinians will die in Gaza and elsewhere as Israel takes steps to remove Hamas from power. These deaths are an inarguable tragedy, but they are a tragedy caused by the terrorists who chose to launch this senseless and barbaric attack on Israel. The presence of Hamas in the region only serves to deepen suffering, for both Israelis and Palestinians alike. A peaceful solution that secures self-determination and prosperity for both peoples is essential, this is clearly no longer an option whilst Hamas are at the helm in Gaza.

Therefore, we implore our government to employ all available diplomatic means to support Israel in its efforts to destroy Hamas’s operational ability and secure the release of the hostages. We also support the government’s efforts to ensure innocent Palestinians do not pay the price for Hamas barbarism by the announcement of £10 million in humanitarian aid for the Palestinian territories.

We firmly believe that the values we hold dear – freedom, democracy, human rights and respect for international law- should be safeguarded and upheld. Let us stand united in steadfast support for Israel and its allies as it rids the world of Hamas terror. Let us work toward a safer and more peaceful world for all.

History will judge us very unkindly if we should fail in our promise of “Never Again” at one of Israel’s greatest hours of need.


Oxford University Conservative Association

Bristol University Conservative Association Cambridge University Conservative Association

King’s College London Conservative Association

University College London Conservative Society Glasgow University Conservative and Unionist Association

Manchester Young Conservatives Nottingham University Conservative Association

Newcastle University Conservative Society Prospective Winchester University Conservative Association Cardiff University Conservative and Unionist Association

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