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Who we are

Who we are

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Campus Lectures

The Pinsker Centre has become the leading organiser of campus lectures specialising in Middle-Eastern diplomacy at Britain's international universities - reaching out to thousands of students annually across the U.K. 


Compelling personalities from many different arenas of public life have attracted large and diverse crowds, delivering their own unique perceptions and thoughts on the future of the region.


Committed to constructive dialogue and engagement with the Middle East region, The Pinsker Centre will be organising policy delegations for students from the Middle East to visit the United Kingdom and learn about policymaking structures. 


Similarly, we we will be arranging policy trips to the Middle East for British students, broadening their understanding of the region. 

Social Media

Engaging a broad constituency beyond our physical discussions, The Pinsker Centre publishes regular material on social media, addressing current affairs and a range of policy themes. 


With active platforms on Twitter and Facebook, we regularly host webinars watched by thousands of students across the UK. 

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